Farmers don’t need to feed the world

Clearly not what it seems.

This is a very weird headline for an article.

Heaven help us if the farmers are not going to feed the world because no one else can. Imagine the calorific needs of the people in today’s mega cities met by growing vegetables on allotments or the window boxes of high rises. It’s not going to happen. Obviously farms will provide most of the food.

After squeezing the link juice out of the headline, we find that the article is actually about yield.

It suggests that for a future with secure profitable farmers, “cost-effectiveness, much more than yield, is the key”.

Afterbefore agrees wholeheartedly.

Future farm production must be resilient and adaptable. Costs of production will fluctuate but generally rise and returns will be fickle and, most likely, rise at a slower rate. Smart producers will get really good at efficiency in their current production system, they will have to. They will also be adaptable enough to take on alternative methods that improve efficiency further.

The really smart farmers will want to know how the resources base that supports production will preform as they apply the various efficiencies. They will tune into soil health, want to know about imminent climate change, and look for new ways to mitigate their risk.

They will make a profit and, just as an aside, feed the world.

Click through to find out more on how Afterbefore predicts future farm performance.



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